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Australian made, at Maleny

Australian owned, by John and Mary King

Australian ingredients, local Bushfoods


Organic ingredients:  real botanicals, raw sugar

Non-organic ingredient: pure white rum

No chemical separators, no additives, no enhancers, etc


Eco-agriculture – We have studied the local environment and chosen our indigenous botanicals that are local provenance species, where possible. These are being reintroduced to the farm in areas that represent their original habitats. No rows or lines of trees but mixed plantings, which allow the natural life to function, removing the need for agricultural inputs. No irrigation, no fertilizers, no sprays.


Australia gives many unique qualities, for the eyes, the taste, the feel, the perception; qualities to indulge our senses.


Anisata Liqueur: made from the leaf of the Aniseed Myrtle from the nearby coastal rainforests. It gives an ethereal aniseed flavour. 

Cooloon Liqueur: an unusual fruit of the rainforest, metallic sky blue in colour. This rich dark red Liqueur has a fruity taste and a spice backnote, with complex tannins providing a little astringency.


Gidneywallum Liqueur: from the eastern rainforests. This fruit gives a strong plum-like taste, but with a resinous background as it is a primitive predecessor of the pine trees.


Kandertal Liqueur: made from the Australian desert citrus, a native of the Brigalow Belt of central Queensland to South Australia.  A true citrus bite gives this Liqueur a distinctive lime family flavour.


Ke-ril Liqueur: made from a small purple native fig of the riparian rainforest, which overhangs the rivers and creeks, and fruits in the humid Summer months. Rich and fruity.


Kitcha-kontoo Liqueur: this Liqueur is made from leaves of a tree that grows in the monsoon country of the far north of Australia. They give a background taste of berries and a hint of spice.


lemon Wardnee Liqueur: made from the leaf of a Eucalyptus of the tropical monsoon forests, one of the purest sources of lemon oils and without the acid background of true lemon.


Lilly Pilly Liqueur: this fruit from the eastern rainforests is a relative of cloves, and it also gives a very distinctive fruity taste, but with a spice backnote.


Midyim Liqueur: from a delightful white and purple spotted fruit, which grows on shrubs in colonies on and behind the ocean-facing sanddunes, a wild and delicate place.  As it takes a lot of time to harvest, this Liqueur will always be in small quantities.


Myrtifolia Liqueur: made from leaves with a subtle spice note. Commonly called the cinnamon Myrtle it grows fringing the mountain rainforest gullies.


Planchonella Liqueur: this fruit of the central coastal rainforests gives a rich ruby red Liqueur reminiscent of a rich Port, but with a dry tannin background like a dry red wine. It is fruity and sweet yet with a dry backnote.


Wattle Liqueur: from just west of the Range comes brilliant yellow flowers which give a subtle tannin background and a not-so-subtle essence of flowers with the perfume of Acacia blossoms, very Australiana.


white Aspen Liqueur:  made from an unusual small fruit with an almost citrus-like backnote. Trees fruit on the sunny fringes of riparian rainforest where it is moist but they can reach for the sun. A very mellow Liqueur, imparts a relaxed feeling.


wild Mint Liqueur: made from an Australian true mentha that grows on the drier rainshadow slopes behind the eastern rainforests. Very gentle and pleasing aftertaste from these tiny leaves.


wild Raspberry Liqueur: the traditional raspberry flavour comes through in this Liqueur. The berries grow wild fringing the creeks and rivers of eastern Australia.


Wujigay Liqueur: from a scrambling shrub found in the darkest areas of the riparian rainforest, the fruit takes 6-9 months to ripen after flowering. Because of the scanty fruiting and the long ripening time this Liqueur will always be in small limited blends.  This Liqueur has a guava-like note with a pepper-and-spice background.


Rainforest Liqueurs are Wholesalers, please contact us for information about the supply of our products.

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